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Sceletium tortuosum is a succulent plant commonly found in South Africa, which is also known as Kanna, Channa, Kougoed (Kauwgoed/ 'kougoed', prepared from 'fermenting' S. tortuosum)—which literally means, 'chew(able) things' or 'something to chew'.Intoxicating doses can be euphoric but not hallucinogenic, contrary to some literature on the subject.

S. tortuosum is traditionally used to fight stress and depression, relieve pain and alleviate hunger.

Some of the effects that Kanna has are:

  • May elevate mood and decrease anxiety, stress and tension. If you're looking for an all-natural way to spport your mood, consider Kanna.
  • Kanna also promotes a healthy stress responnse. Although we cant avoid stress altogether, it is ppossible to nurture your stress response via botanicals like Kanna.
  • Kanna delivers a sense of alert serenity. if Mother Nature had a chill pill , Kanna would be it.
  • Supports executive function ranging from attention and problem-solving to memory, abstract thinking, self control and even moral reasoning and decision making.

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KANNA 10X: IMPROVES MOOD AND REDUCES ANXIETY Kanna 10x Extract is far more potent than the herb's plain, granular extract form.HOW TO USE: Kanna 10x extract is suitable for any oral use, nasal inhalation or taken as a decoction...
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Kanna 10x extract
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Kanna 10x extract is a Kanna extract that is 10 times stronger than regular Kanna. This Kanna 10X extract is made from high quality dried Kanna from South Africa...
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Kanna 50x extract. The active substances in Kanna are mainly stimulating. They provide energy and/or a euphoric feeling.& Effects of Kanna Kanna was used in shamanic ceremonies by indigenous tribes in South Africa. The herb was supposed to awaken the animal spirit in humans, increasing their crea..
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Kanna ET2 extract
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ET2 Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) extract is best used as snuff for a very strong and fast-acting euphoric effect. This extract contains a much higher concentration than other extracts, making this ET2 very potent! Please note that ET2 kanna extract is only recommended for experienced kanna lovers...
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A strong extract of Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna).Kanna originates from South Africa, where it has been used for more than a century for it's mood-enhancing properties. Compounds in the plant an elevate mood, decrease anxiety, stress and tensions. Kanna is used to treat depressions, speech disorders, ..
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Kanna Krystal Ultimate extract
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This highly concentrated Kanna extract is in the form of a fine crystalline powder.This Krystal Ulitmate Kanna extract is for the experienced kanna user. You will need a very tiny bit to bring you the desired effects. Don't overdo it, because it may give you extreme nausea and headache. Simply take ..
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This highly concentrated Kanna extract is in the form of a fine crystalline powder. This Kanna extract is known to be pretty strong. It will enhance your consciousness for a short but intense flash. take care with dosage and do not underestimate the power that is in this plant extract. Merry Stoney ..
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Sceletium tortuosum also known as Kanna, is used by many types of people to drink as tea, to boil or to drink as tincture for its calming effect...
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Kanna Premium extreme strong
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Kanna Premium Extreme Strong In low dosages it provides a stimulating effect, in high dosages it has calming properties.UsageFor a light experience, encapsulate 0.15 g. For a stronger effect, encapsulate 0.25 g.WarningSceletium Tortuosum should not be combined with other SSRI's (Seroxat, Prozac) or ..
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Kanna UB40 extract
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The UB40 kanna extract variety is made especially for vaporizer enthusiasts. This extract is coarser than other kanna extracts but the potency is comparable to the UC2 extract...
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